Drought Research Initiative

Drought Early Warning System (DEWS) Interactive Exercise

DRI invites you to participate in its online DEWS exercise. The information gathered from the questions you answer will be helpful to us in bridging the gap between drought research and drought information applications. This exercise will take you approximately 20-30 minutes

The purpose of the Drought Early Warning System is to initiate a dialogue between the Drought Research Initiative and the users of drought information. DRI is interested in understanding how advances in the research pertaining to characterization and prediction of the drought could be utilized by users.The interactive DEWS is one step in assessing how users could potentially use research data and data products and enables them to provide feedback on their views about the priorities and gaps that need to addressed in future drought research.

The data product examples have been prepared for the historical drought of 1999-2005 (specifically 2002), which is the focus of DRI and does not include current conditions

Begin the online DEWS Exercise.

It is recommended to use a web browser other than Internet Explorer as the image quality of the DEWS tool is much better if another browser (Firefox, Chrome etc..) is used.

Click here to download the kmz file to view the DEWS products in Google Earth. Users will need to download and install Google Earth if they have not already done so.