DRI Legacy

DRI endeavoured to provide tangible outcomes of its 5 year research effort to the broader scientific community and general public. This intention was addressed through focusing on several intiatives during the wind down of the network.

These efforts are listed below:

  • DRI Data Legacy: An effort to synthesize and make publicly available the datasets used and produced by DRI.
  • The DRI Data Experience:
        Harder, P., P. Constanza, C. Saad, R. Lawford and R.E. Stewart, 2011: Experiences in the management, archiving and visualization of data for drought research in DRI. CMOS Bulletin, 39, 45-54.
      A copy of this article can be requested from CMOS (publications@cmos.ca).
  • Extremes Lecture Series: Ron Stewart (DRI-PI) gave a series of lectures throughout Western Canada on climate extremes with a focus on some findings of DRI in regards to Western Canadian Drought.
  • The 1999-2005 Canadian Prairies Drought: Science, Impacts, and Lessons. An overview of the contributions by investigators involved in DRI (published April 2011).
  • Atmosphere-Ocean DRI Special Issue. 2011. Vol. 49, Iss. 4.
  • Canadian Water Resources Journal: Drought Research Initiative Special Section on Evapotranspiration. 2010 Vol. 35, Num. 2.
  • DRI Journal Articles, Books, Presentations and Reports.
  • DRI workshops: DRI organized many workshops and presentations are available from them all through the events page.
  • DRI Annual Reports:
    • 2010 DRI Final Report.
    • 2009 DRI Annual Report.
    • 2008 DRI Annual Report.
    • 2008 DRI Investigators Reports.
    • 2007 DRI Annual Report.
  • Wikipedia pages for Drought in Canada and the Drought Research Initiative.