DRI Overall Understanding/Past-Future Occurrence Workshop

The DRI synthesis workshop on Feb 10-11, 2010 in Winnipeg  had two focal points.

1. The first focal point is concerned with better understanding the means through which the 1999-2005 drought developed, evolved and ended. R. Stewart is leading this segment.

2. The second is concerned with placing the 1999-2005 drought in context with those that have occurred historically (both instrumental and in the recent paleo record) and those that are projected to occur in the future. B. Bonsal is leading this segment.

Each session was quite ‘hands on’ with key objectives being to contribute to synthesis articles on these issues in the upcoming special DRI issue of Atmosphere-Ocean.  Draft outlines of the articles were be discussed and improved upon.

Informal Presentations:
Synthesis Segment:

  • Bonsal, Barrie. Characterization of 1999-2005 drought with drought indices.
  • Harder, Phillip.  The dynamics of spring precipitation, Devil’s Lake, dust storms and streamflow in the 1999-2005 drought.
  • Henson, Willian.  Stony Plain atmospheric soundings analysis.
  • Henson, William.  Carvel radar anyalsis during the 1999-2005 drought.
  • Kochtubadja, Bob. Preliminary analysis of surface winds during the 1999-2005 Prairie Drought.
  • Shabbar, Amir.  Atmospheric anomalies for drought synthesis.
  • Shabbar, Amir. Atmopsheric and surface correlations.
  • Stewart, Ron. Synthesis article overview.
  • Szeto, Kit. Water balance over the prairies during the drought.
  • Van der Kamp, Garth.  Groundwater andSurface water characterization of drought.

Past-Future Occurence Segment

  • Gachon, Philippe. Indices of droughts over Canada as simulated by a statistical downscaling model: current and future periods.
  • Sauchyn, Dave. Paleoclimatic analysis of drought over Western Canada.

Supplemental Information

  • 500mb Geopotential Height Monthly Mean over North America 1999-2005
  • 500mb Geopotential Height Monthly Anomaly over North America 1999-2005