Drought Research Initiative

The 1999-2005 Canadian Prairies Drought: Science, Impacts, and Lessons.

Ronald Stewart and Richard Lawford, Editors
Andree-Anne Boisvert, Technical Editor

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Note that the soft copy of the document that is available for download here has corrected the errors described below. Only the hard copies of the document contain the errors.

Errata Sheet:

Page 5:

The Short CV for Ronald Stewart incorrectly referred to the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics.

Page 30:

Figure 1 in the article titled "Sea Surface Temperatures and their Influences on Drought Patterns on the Canadian Prairie" by Amir Shabbar the T2 time series is identical to T3 because the PDO graph has been produced in both the middle and the lower panels. The correct figure is below.

Figure 1: The time variations in indices of: (T1) ENSO defined as average SST anomaly between (5N-5S, 120W-170W); (T2) PDO defined as leading mode of SST anomaly in the North Pacific, north of 20N; and (T3) AMO defined as SST Anomaly in the North Atlantic.