GEO-DRI Drought Monitoring Workshop Presentations

Session #1: Welcomes, Introduction to Manitoba and Overviews of GEO and DRI

  • Introduction to GEO Water and IGWCO activities (Rick Lawford)
  • Introduction to Canadian GEO (Ken Korporal)

Session #2: Presentations of the specific drought–related tasks under the GEO Work Plan Task WA-06-02

  • Introduction to GEO (Douglas Cripe by telephone)
  • An overview of WMO drought activities (Bob Stefanski by telephone)
  • An overview of WA06-02B: Drought monitoring (Rick Lawford)
  • Drought testbeds – the NIDIS example (Richard Heim)
  • Canada/ US GEO testbeds and drought studies
    • Part 1: Richard Heim
    • Part 2: Ken Korporal

Session #3: Realized and Potential Contributions of Drought Research Programmes and Projects

  • Drought in Southeast Asia (Orn-Uma Polpanich)
  • The US NIDIS Project (Richard Heim)
  • Drought in Europe: The Portuguese Condition (Corina Carranca)
  • Overview of drought impacts and water management in northern Mexico (Andrea Munoz Hernandez)
  • The Global Water System Project and Drought (Holm Voigt/ Charles Vorosmarty)
  • World Climate Research Program: Extremes (Ron Stewart)

15:30 - 17:30: Session #4: Drought and the GEO Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP) Demonstration Project: Using advance Information systems to serve users needs

  • GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot, Phase 3 - Call for Participation - and GEO Water Tasks (Will Pozzi)
  • The DRI Data Legacy and GEO (Phil Harder)
  • Data Access & Integration (DAI) Activities (Patrice Constanza)
  • NOAA-NASA GOES-R Program and GMU CSISS Joint Efforts for Supporting GEOSS AIP-3 Drought Scenario (Genong Yu)
  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Drought Monitoring and Information System (Trevor Hadwen)
  • Climate and Drought Monitoring Products at NCDC (Richard Heim)

Session #5: Drought Monitoring: Measurement and Information Systems

  • From a North American to a Global Drought Monitor (Richard Heim)
  • The North American Drought Monitor- The Canadian Perspective (Trevor Hadwen)
  • The use of VIC soil moisture in drought monitoring and forecasting in Canada and China (Lei Wen)
  • Gravity Measurement and Hydrology (Ken Snelgrove)
  • Monitoring groundwater and soil moisture with observation wells (Garth van der Kamp)
  • JECAM and the Manitoba “Super Site” (Grant Wiseman)
  • Integration of Land Surface Simulation, Remote Sensing and Field Studies in the Prairies (Al Pietroniro or Brenda Toth)

11:00 – 12:15: Session #6: Monitoring Drought Impacts

  • Drought Impact Collection: Activities at the National Drought Mitigation Center and potential transferability to North America? (Mark Svoboda by telephone)
  • The use of multi-source information inputs to assess drought severity and impacts through the use of indicators (Charles Vorosmarty)
  • Drought Impacts on Canadian Rural Communities: Monitoring and Assessment (Elaine Wheaton)
  • Monitoring drought and assessing agricultural drought impacts in Alberta (Daniel Itenfisu)
  • Monitoring agricultural drought in Manitoba (Andy Nadler)
  • Drought Research Initiative (DRI) Theme 1 Characterization - Applications to Drought Monitoring(John Hanesiak)
  • A Proposed Prairie Water Supply Index for Drought (Kevin Shook)
  • Climate Change Signals: Great Lakes (Jim Bruce)
  • MB Drought Plan and Strategies: Data, Information and Assessment Needed (Abul Kashem)