Drought Research Initiative


The objective of DRI is to better understand the physical characteristics of and processes influencing Canadian Prairie droughts, and to contribute to their better prediction, through a focus on the recent severe drought of 1999 - 2004/05.

This will be accomplished through a focus on three research themes:
  1. Quantify the physical features of this recent drought
  2. Improve the understanding of the processes and feedbacks governing the formation, evolution, cessation and structure of the drought.
  3. Assess and reduce uncertainties in the prediction of drought and its structure.
Although we did not receive support for the following two research themes, we are endeavouring to address them as well:
  1. Compare the similarities and differences of the recent drought to previous droughts over this region and those in other regions, in the context of climate variability and change.
  2. Apply our progress to address critical issues of importance to society