Prairie Hydrology Workshop November 18, 2021 Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Workshop Invitation and Logistics


  • Garth van der Kamp: Long-term water level changes in closed-basin lakes of the Canadian prairies and the role of groundwater.
  • Jeannine St Jacques: Northern Rocky Mountain streamflow records: global warming trends, human impacts or natural variability?
  • Phillip Harder: Assessment of apportionment and measured streamflows as possible drought indicators.
  • Logan Fang: Drought Impacts on Prairie Snow Hydrology
  • Kevin Shook: Drought impacts on Prairie land surface hydrological dynamics
  • Al Pietroniro: Summary Large Scale Hydrology Modeling in a Prairie Environment
  • Gift Dumedah: A Joint Data Assimilation Method for Improving Soil Moisture Estimates
  • Adam Minke: Estimating Water Storage of Prairie Pothole Wetlands
  • Chris Spence: Signatures of Fill and Spill Processes in Prairie Catchments
  • Craig Smith: An overview of the Bratt Lake precipitation gauge intercomparison facility and wind adjustments for the gauge measurement of snowfall on the prairies
  • Nathalie Brunet: Characterization of spatial variation in water quality of prairie potholes after snowmelt
  • Gro Lilbaek: Whelp Creek-part of a greater flow.
  • Jim Yarotski: Watershed Evaluation of BMPs-WEBS
  • JohnPomeroy: Impact of Prairie Wetland Drainage and Land Use Change on Spring Streamflow
  • Bob Halliday: Water Use in Saskatchewan
  • Doug Johnson: Saskatchewan Water Availability Study