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Prairie Drought Information

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Other Drought Information

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Scientific Articles

  • Mathuis, H., 2006. Potential Impact of Climate Change on Prairie Groundwater Supplies: Review of Current Knowledge
  • Morss, R.E. and D.S. Battisti, 2004. Designing efficient obeserving networks for ENSO prediction. J. Climate, 17, 3074-89.
  • Seager, R., Y. Kushnir, C. Herweijer, N. Naik and J. Velez, 2005. Modeling of Tropical Forcing of Persistent Droughts and Pluvials over Western North America: 1856-2000. Journal of Climate, 18, 4065-4088.

Other Articles

  • Silver Lining Times Newsletter (July 2006) - this is a quarterly newsletter compiled by Silver Lining Tours, Houston, TX; the publication is dedicated to providing valuable and unique information to storm enthusiasts