Many individual and collective research activities will be carried out within DRI. Information on these activities and their results will be added to this site as DRI proceeds.

Individual Research

  • Canadian Lightning Detection Network – ASCII data on all lightning events within the CLDN real-time delivery region (1997-2005) can be made available by contacting John Hanesiak.
  • 1st and 2nd Generation Crop Phenology and Water-Use Models – enquiries through Rick Raddatz or Julian Brimelow.

Research Sites and Datasets

  • A-GAME (Alberta GPS Atmospheric Moisture Evaluation): GPS moisture data, radiosonde data, surface transect data, radar images – enquiries through Susan Skone or Geoff Strong
  • ALHAP (Alberta Hail Project): radar, aircraft, surface precipitation and upper-air data (1979-’85,’89,’91)
  • AmeriFlux Network: a network providing continuous observations of ecosystem level exchanges of CO2, water, energy and momentum; currently composed of sites from North America, Central America, and South America.
  • Assiniboine Delta Aquifer: resurrected dataset from Manitoba Conservation – enquiries through Ken Snelgrove
  • Boreal Ecosystem Research and Monitoring Sites (BERMS) – enquiries through Erin Thompson
  • Bratt’s Lake – enquiries through David Halliwell
  • Fluxnet-Canada Data Portal (registration required)
    • Standard Measurements
  • South Saskatchewan River Basin Project – enquiries through Matt Regier
    • Project Overview
  • St. Denis National Wildlife Area – enquiries through Malcolm Conly
  • West Nose Creek: groundwater monitoring and hydrometeorological data – enquiries through Masaki Hayashi

Surface Moisture and Precipitation Trends

  • Climate trends in surface mixing ratio, Edmonton, 1971-2000
  • Climate trends in surface mixing ratio, Saskatoon, 1971-2000
  • Climate trends in surface mixing ratio, Winnipeg, 1971-2000
  • Climate trends in surface mixing ratio, Whitehorse, 1971-2000
  • Winter/Summer trends in surface mixing ratio, YXD/YXE/YWG, 1971-2000
  • North-South Cross-section of Seasonal Precipitation, Inuvik to Lethbridge, 1971-2000
  • West-East Cross-section of Seasonal Precipitation, Grand Cache to Winnipeg, 1971-2000