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CEOP / GEWEX Extremes


Databases of extreme events will be added to this section

Some examples of such datasets include the following.

The PRUDENCE project was a large project under EU Framework 5, where several regional models provided control and scenario simulations for 30 years in around 50km resolution. Two sets of 25km experiments were also performed, and even a set of 12km simulations has been added since the end of the project. Daily data for 19 fields can be accessed directly or through a DODS interface directly from the web page above. More explanation about the data and the experiments are available (click "data distribution front page in the left menu).

The STARDEX project also has an archive of "public" station data and indices based on those.

The ENSEMBLES FP6 project runs 2005-2009 and will provide around 12 transient RCM simulations in 25km resolution for 1950-2050, of which 3 continue to 2100; a similar number of 25km simulations will be driven by the ECMWF 40-year reanalysis. More than 100 different fields will be provided online in due course.

Droughts and Floods in 2004 and Droughts and Floods in 2005 (information courtesy of Universal Press Syndicate - Earth Environment Service)